Install Merpati Reservation System (ARGA)

Selasa, 26 Agustus 2008

Merpati Reservation (ARGA System) can be done by agent or Merpati office with browsing through internet. But to operate reservation system needed Personal Computer (PC) which compatible and software which used to activate work area of reservation. Now, let’s try to install, as follows :

1. Download file that is contain program for Merpati reservation, which you can get free of charge in (link ‘XDOWNLOAD).

2. After download, you will get a file “” . and than please click this file ( 2x. It will appear some of files that need to extract to hard disk.

3. Better you make new folder to save these files
4. Choose application file (ccp32base.exe) to install, click 2x

please wait a minute, and follow the next instruction until finished.

5. The last, copy all files that have extension ‘dll’ (*.dll) into folder c:/windows/system32/

Now Reservation system already done, with step as follows :

1. Browsing to , please use Internet Explorer. Writer have tried use firefox and opera, they can not work.

2. Enter User ID and Password given by Merpati Nusantara Airlines. Usually to got it, agent have to pay

If you have installed correctly, it will appear work area to reservation, like this above:

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Tips Go To Indonesia.

Sabtu, 16 Agustus 2008

Before Traveling.

Assured if you have owned passport which still apply at least 6 months from date of arrival with ticket evidence. For visa, pay attention rules following:

There is [about/around] 40 acceded to state step into the Indonesia freely. For complete description, contact embassy of Indonesia in your state. Free order enter this apply during 60 day and cannot be lengthened.

you can apply the business visa applying 28 day and extendable maximum 6 months.

For a few the states don't have the diplomacy [relation/link], you can get the special visa. Contact the Indonesia diplomacy office closest for complete description.

Government can agree your arrival visa applying 14 day and extendable during 14 day.

When you arrive

Pay attention your wafting goods during inspection x-ray in airport. To avoid the problem when passing the tax, bring your drug along with its pack , if require to bring his recipe copy. Since narcotic prohibited, bring letter of the medical express if you require to consume the drug. Ordering of available cab in international arrival space. Surcharge toll expense and will be added [at] argo meter.

Warning :
Avoid to go up the other transportation or cab which the unknown to. Some stations and terminal have the place of ordering of cab with his tariff. Or you can choose the cab with argometer available usual outside station. When you use the porter service to lift your goods, ascertain they use uniform, see and remember the number ID usual it printed in uniform backside. Avoid to arrive at the night time except is the someone fetch you.

When you in Taxi.

More safe, if you order the cab through telephone, but if you stop the cab in the road pay attention:
. - Note the cab corporate name
- Note the cab number and ID from driver
Ascertain driver of cab agree to accompany you to location. If he try to refuse to use argometer and tell the argometer is broke, soon go out from cab and other cab searching or you can do the negotiation and accept agreement.

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What is E-ticket?

Rabu, 13 Agustus 2008

At domestic air transport in Indonesia e-ticket is something new and it’s still foreign in the ear consumer of air transport in Indonesia. So that we often hear the passenger ask his authenticity this ticket, be like " Is this really a Ticket (e-ticket)?", " Do I have to change this ( e-ticket) in airport?", " Do I can leave only with by showing this ( e-ticket)?", and still many again similar question. This can be tolerated remember since long time our society only recognizing the manual ticket that print by hand writing and printer machined (TAT), and ticket form still in the form of book. E-Ticket is abbreviation of ticket electronic. E-Ticket do not require the special paper to print his ticket even without paper even also passenger can leave. By using system e-ticket, passenger not necessarily hold the ticket, enough by bring the code booking that is given by staff of airlines ticketing after payment transaction, after that you can go to Airport. To avoid abuse of usage of others ticket, airlines usually have anticipated by mentioning no identity ( Passport/ID Name/Visa/ Etc.) the passenger do not necessarily worry if the booking code will be used by other person.

The advantages of E-ticket, as follows :
Don’t worry the ticket lose. If the ticket lose or forget the booking code, you can reprint e-ticket.
You can buy the ticket without going to direct selling office. You just call to book to the selling office, and than you do the transfer of money and confirmation, and then you got the booking that can be used.
Airlines can save operational fee for print the ticket.

Domestic air transport in Indonesia which have used e-ticket :

- Airasia
- Batavia Air
- Citi Link
- Garuda Indonesia Airways
- Mandala Airlnes

International flight of majority have used e-ticket.

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Tips : Get Promo Class For Airlines Ticket

Sabtu, 09 Agustus 2008

Most of flight companies in Indonesia use sub class fare for their ticket fee. What is the sub class fare? Most of people know that class in airlines is just divided with business/ premium class and economy class. But now, Economy class is divided again into some of the class and business/ premium class too. Economy class is usually divided more than five classes. The cheapest fare is usually mentioned economy promo class. If you want to save your many and get the economy promo, I will give you tips, as follows :

1. Buy the ticket in low season
Almost of the airlines will open their economy promo class in low season.

2. Buy the ticket one month or more before departure.
But it’s not guarantee, because most of the airlines don’t apply it. As we knows, only Airasia (a flight company from Malaysia) apply it.

3. Often check available seat in your airlines agent or airlines office.
Sometimes, airlines open economy promo one day or more days before. It can’t be predicted when it will be opened by airlines.

4. Sometimes we need luck to get economy promo class.

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What are The risk of low fare ticket??

Have you got promo class ticket. Are you happy? Of Course, because you have saved your money, don't you? That's all? Wait a minute, You must know what the rules are in this ticket. If you got a low fare ticket, you must be more carefull. Because there are some limitations that must be known. What are they?

  • Non Refund (Your ticket can't be paid back if you canceled your flight)
  • Non Extend (Your date and time of flight can't be changed) 
  • Non Reroute (Your route of flight can't be changed) 

So, If you want to enjoy your flight with promo class, be sure your flight is fix. And if there are some of force major that cause you cancel your flight , You will be ready to take a risk lost your ticket/money.

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